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About us

Odense Pancreas Center (OPAC) is a multi-disciplinary research organization focusing on personalized medicine in benign and malignant pancreatic diseases (PD).

OPAC was appointed Center of Clinical Excellence in July 2017 by the Region of Southern Denmark, and OPAC comprises ten departments/institutions working on PD on different levels:

HPB Section, Department of Surgery

Department of Clinical Oncology

Department of Clinical Pathology

Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Department of Endocrinology

Department of Clinical Genetics

Department of Paediatrics (Hans Christian Andersen Childrens Hospital)

Department of Radiology

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Odense Patient Explorative Network (OPEN)

OPAC covers all kinds of PD, and OPAC collaborates with several international consortiums. OPAC activities are closely monitored by an International Advisory Board.


OPAC's official and approved mid-term report - Download HERE 


OPAC Infrastructure



                                                              OPAC sekr 

Research plan

Research in benign as well as malignant pancreatic diseases (PD) has changed from using traditional imaging and basic histopathologic techniques towards individual assessment of disease characteristics, based on advanced digital pathological, immune-histochemical and molecular analyses as well as proteomics. These emerging technologies have provided new - however still limited - insights into the morphological, proteomic and genomic landscape of PD. The clinical goals in PD have changed accordingly by aiming at morphologically and genetically identifying the patient that is most likely to benefit from a specific treatment - or redesigning treatment based on proteomic or molecular data to target specific mutations or proteins. The next major steps in PD research and clinical development will involve such individual characterization of disease characteristics, and OPAC aims to be a frontrunner in using and improving this approach.

Therefore, the overall goal of OPAC activities and OPAC research plan is Personalized Medicine in Pancreatic Diseases, and OPAC focuses on two major areas: A) Benign PD and B) Malignant PD.

This approach supports the translational research aspect and will direct the majority of resources into ongoing and planned OPAC trials focusing on personalized medicine in benign and malignant PD.

Overall OPAC research strategy


WP: Working Packages (see OPAC Trials)